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Committed to Serving the Community

Kempsey Showground is a 10ha parcel of Crown Land. The current gazetted Crown Land Managers appointed in June 2018 is Mid North Coast Community College.


At Kempsey Showground, we are committed to enhancing the lives of members in the community through our wide range of activities and events. Over the years, we have been we have hosted some of the major events for the Macleay community.


Ever since opening our doors to the community in 1886, we have provided community with the chance to get together and experience amazing events from equine, motorsports, music, markets and much more.

Our mission is to:-

  • manage, maintain and enhance a vibrant community recreational facility for the benefit of the region

  • promote and host upward of 250 event days per year; home of 25 community groups and the Kempsey Show

  • ensure the facility is always access to the community’s needs

  • facilitate the promotion of all regional events and collaborating with stakeholders to bring new events to the Macleay Valley.

  • promote the heritage and agricultural richness of our community within the facility

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